Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer again, and beef cheeks in a chocolate-wine sauce


Shopped at Hess Farms and managed to score the gorgeous fruits and vegetables seen above (down PA 316 between Stitely and Poe Road--drive on Wayne Avenue past Giant, past the new Sheetz gas station, past the intersection between Wayne and New Franklin Road till you see their sign). 

The zucchini and broccoli were turned into a chop suey with prawns; the strawberries were insanely sweet, far more flavorsome than anything from a supermarket; the shortcake was for cutting into chunks, to be layered with sliced berries and whipped cream (as if! The fruit was gone before the day was done). 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The best steak I ever ate (so far)

Know how some folks say the perfect steak starts with the perfect cut of meat? I suppose we can go all dry-aged wagyu imported from Japan, grilled in a La Cornue Grand Palais Range; truth is I have only so much cash, even less time, and no proper equipment to speak of other than an eight-year-old electric range and a properly seasoned cast-iron pan.
I subscribe to a slightly different statement: the best steak you can cook starts with the best steak you can find.