Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dinner Date

"Where are we going?"

"O out."

"We've been driving for almost an hour. Is it in another state?"


"There you go again. Sometimes I want to smack you."

"Ow! Not when I'm driving."

"Frederick, Maryland?"

"You said you wanted somewhere different."

"Cute clock."

"Shut up and pose."

"You've been carrying this for thirteen years--when do you deliver?"

"We're eating here?"

"I got reservations."

"Did you rob a bank?"

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rendezvous Caribbean Restaurant

The No-Plate Special

Said it before gonna say it again: this blog's all about find dining--the kind of eats where you're driving down a street, you pause before a sign, you park and walk right in (or likewise you're walking down said street, pause before a sign). Last week we discovered Grill Kebab on Route 30 East this way; this week we found Rendezvous Caribbean Restaurant a tiny place tucked away in the corner of West Washington and Black Street, on the south end of Chambersburg's downtown. This place had at various points been a Mexican bakery and a pizza joint; if anyone were to ask "What would you put up here instead?" an eatery serving Caribbean food wouldn't have been the first idea to come to mind--but why not? It's different; and we're (along with discovery and good food) all about la difference