Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Family Meal (Bryan Voltaggio) in Hagerstown MD

Family feast

Well now what happened is we all went a little funny in the head; you know, a little funny. And we went and did a silly thing: we went to Bryan Voltaggio's Family Meal in Hagerstown for dinner. 

The concept is: upscale diner. You pay for the 'up' part--the meal is cheaper than fine dining, but more expensive than what you get in most diners.

Chambersburg Philippine-American Association Picnic

Feast of the

Happened last Saturday noon at the Chambersburg Memorial Park Pavilion, Filipino families bringing covered dishes and casseroles.  Not having been back in the old country in...O thirteen years now and was a rare chance to taste a little of what I used to eat and still love.