Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Momma B's in Chambersburg

Momma B's 

I promised to write about local eats, and you can't get any more local than this: located on 565 Lincoln Highway East past the hospital and nestled under the neighborhood Travelodge, Momma B's owner promises always fresh never frozen meats and fishes, locally sourced, reasonably priced, simple diner fare, cooked in what may be the cleanest kitchen in town (the owner/chef/manager is willing to have you step in and take a look yourself if you like--he's that proud of his establishment).

Breakfast can be as simple as sausage and eggs and toast for $4.50 (though the cook/owner/manager can't help but add a little cantaloupe garnish), the lightly spiced intensely flavored nicely crisped sausage from Steely Meats (in my opinion one of the best local purveyors of pork beef and sausages). 

Or you can splurge a little and order the B'licious Bowl for a dollar more--two eggs any way you like (I ordered mine scrambled, which I found somewhere in that pile), any kind of meat (Steely's sausage in my case), onions, bell peppers, cubed fried potatoes, melted cheddar cheese, served with a side of what was claimed to be the best sausage gravy in town.*

*(He may be right. You know how sausage gravy in other diners have a tinny taste, with, I don't know, a bizarre essence of banana flavor? Here all I tasted was crumbled pork meat, lightly seasoned, in a thick creamy sauce).

For a quarter less you can eat the bowl (Why a quarter less? I dunno; ask him)--a tortilla shell filled with, y'know: eggspotatoesonionsbellpeppersSteelysausage. Yes, I felt a little out of breath trying to finish too.

Arguably the most expensive item on their menu at $13.50 is their Five Feet of Bacon Burger, a big burger patty stuffed with lettuce tomato onion American cheese and yes, five whole feet--all sixty inches (suddenly $13.50 doesn't sound too expensive)--of bacon. Served with old school french fries, darkly fried with an equally dark flavor (they're like peanuts; you can't eat just one). What do they say again--that bacon makes anything taste better? Whaddaya think?

My personal favorite though is the $5.85 fried fish sandwich--fish of the day, anything from tilapia to haddock (mine was haddock), never frozen always fresh, fried hot and quick and served steaming. Crisply battered, flaky fresh with a clean sea taste on a pillowy hoagie roll, it was a 'don't disturb me' occasion (as in don't even look at my sandwich--having a private moment here--).

Haven't even tried their other dinners--the pork tenderloin I hear is good, served with applesauce, and the fresh fish on a plate (also with applesauce)--so I may be back.

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  1. Thanks for the gracious post on our meals. A pleasure to serve you and all of our customers.