Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trickling Spring Creamery's grass-fed beef

How spoiled can we be when we have our own creamery (actually there are others--we'll get to them)? Our own buttery milk, our own buttery chocolate milk, our own organic ice cream, our own cheddar?

Doesn't hurt that the grounds are pretty enough to picnic in--buy yourself a sandwich and sundae, eat on a nearby table, try stay clear of ants--

The ice cream comes in classic (vanilla chocolate strawberry) and not-so-classic (maple bacon, salted caramel).

But what I bought, what I thought worth trying, was the grass-fed beef. T-bones, in this case:

At over $12 a pound they're pricey. But they are healthier (less fatty, and what fat there is is higher in omega 3 and conjugated linoleic acid; also antioxidants like Vitamin E), and possibly tastier. So--what the heck, worth trying at least once, right?

Simply seasoned--olive oil, kosher salt, fresh-cracked pepper--and fried in a pan (they were sold pre-cut, unlike the two-inch monsters I prefer).

And here we are: served with greens (kale spinach and the  like, seasoned with salt and pepper and a handful of garlic in the oily pan the steaks fried in), and my usual orange-juice glazed organic carrots. 

Careful not to overcook the steaks; I imagine two minutes each side in a hot pan should do it. Tender rare meat, the fat--don't try this at home too often kids--crisped and tasty. Even the kale and spinach combo had a charred meaty flavor, thanks to the quick saute. 

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