Saturday, September 12, 2015

Labor Day Ribbing

Labor Day, and didn't have the cash to buy steaks, so what did I do when confronted with M & M Meats' glass display counter at Jim's Farmer's Market downtown?

Bought ribs. 

Not just any rib, beef ribs. Megasized contusion-forming-when-swung-at-head ribs. Meaty mighty megalomanically massive ribs. Of beef.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

INKA Kitchen


Anthony Bourdain in his old TV show No Reservations made an impulse visit to a legendary hole-in-the-wall in Washington DC called El Pollo Rico, which served something called Peruvian roast chicken (the segment starts 18 minutes into the show). The place was packed, and not just with regulars; out-of-state visitors and even foreign tourists have lined up to order, including myself. 

Now our little burg has acquired our very own Peruvian chicken joint, and I don't have to drive ninety minutes to order; just take Route 30 east of I-81, right next to KFC to try some of the best chicken in town. 

You heard me. I say this standing next to the Chambersburg Branch of Korporate Franchised Chicken, with a straight solemn face. 

"Best chicken in town."

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trickling Spring Creamery's grass-fed beef

How spoiled can we be when we have our own creamery (actually there are others--we'll get to them)? Our own buttery milk, our own buttery chocolate milk, our own organic ice cream, our own cheddar?

Andrews Farm Market

Andrews Farm Market west of St. Thomas, PA doesn't really look like a fruit store, more a warehouse or barn...but between you and me and the walnut tree they put out some of the sweetest juiciest local fruits I've ever eaten, and believe me I've had a few.