Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Momma B's: Bigger'n Better'n Ever

Bigger'n Better'n Ever

Sad news was Momma B's closed back in November in its old location, on Lincoln Highway East; good news is it's open again, at 875 Lincoln Way West--same strip mall as Food Lion. And where the first struggled to seat twenty people you could fit a hundred folks in this big mother, easy.

We went for breakfast (no-brainer, as it was 8 am on a Saturday) and they served the following: 

French toast with sausage patties (Steely sausage, of course; never frozen as owner-cook Thomas proudly declares). Nicely flavorful ground pork, lightly seasoned and spiced; toast battered in egg and milk and fried--simple classic comfort food.

'Course we had to try the appetizers: in this case cornmeal-battered fried green tomatoes, with a special secret sauce (not supposed to tell you that they made the mayonnaise and seasoned it themselves). Tart 'maters crisped in sweet sweet cornmeal, dipped in seasoned mayo? Put a melody on that and I'd play it on the radio. 

This was something Thomas whipped up special: toasted bread in sausage gravy--not canned, mind you, but Steely sausage broken up into a just-made cream gravy, served piping hot. 

And this was the star of the meal, the 'Juicy B'--half-pound all-beef patty, topped with well I can't quite remember what. I recall bacon; I recall fresh tomatoes, fresh onion rings, fresh lettuce; I remember ham. Served with a mess of dill pickles and a basket of French fries (the fries incidentally are nicely seasoned and have that deep brown (Brown? Why brown? I don't know; it just tasted brown) 'tater flavor of a traditionally crisped spud). 

And yeah a closeup helps. Not too close; that thing looks bigger than your brain. 

And biting into it--and yes it does have ham and bacon both--I realized it was stuffed with cheese, in this case cheddar, a la the famous Jucy Lucy only squared, meatwise and sizewise (apparently the originals are 6-ounce patties; these are eight ounces). Have not been to Minneapolis, alas, but I doubt if you can go wrong with the addition of tomatoes. Or lettuce. Or onions. Or ham. Or bacon. No, I believe you just can't go wrong with bacon.

Need to go back; apparently the place was at one point offering a seafood special: six large shrimp and six ounces of haddock, battered and fried (or pan seared if you like), every Thursday. If that runs out I figure there are other seafood options to try.

Or I could try this, the "I'll 'B' Darn:"

Half-pound all-beef patty, thick smoked bacon, hash browns, cheese, and a fried egg. Breakfast and a heart attack on a plate.

And there's the deep-fried cherry pie. A la mode. I'll be back; if only for the deep-fried cherry pie with ice cream, I'll be back. 

Thomas was kind enough--and confident enough--to show us the kitchen, bragging (And why shouldn't he? If you check his timeline, he worked hard enough at it) that it passes all the state and city inspections, and that anyone can ask to see it, any time. 

Here's the kitchen with the cook hard at work:

Looks clean enough; only thing missing is a mouse in chef's whites--and personally speaking, I'd put more faith in Thomas; not a fan of Ratatouille, alas.

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